Secrets to Success: Tips from the Most Successful People

Have you ever wondered how successful people got to where they are in life? What are some secrets to success? It looks easy and uncomplicated for them to have a good time, meet people, and influence people. We witness the splendor, the gorgeous residences, the adoring public, the affluent lifestyle, and the incredible media attention. However, many don’t see the lengthy, painful journeys they have taken. The sorrows, the tears, the struggles, and the despair that some of them have crawled out of.

Their hidden experiences are an inspiring trial of knowledge for the dedicated success seekers.

Tips from the Most Successful People

Vincent Van Gogh — Love Your Work

Vincent Van Gogh, the famed artist, reportedly only sold ONE painting during his lifetime, and it was to a close personal friend. It wasn’t a lack of artwork that was to blame. During his lifetime, he produced well over 800 paintings.

In his lifetime, Vincent Van Gogh was regarded as an enormous failure. He was plagued by mental illness, depression, and poverty for many years. He was able to keep going because of his love of nature and his confidence in the power of nature. Artworks with price tags of millions of dollars were created by pouring his heart and soul into his work, albeit posthumously.

This inspirational quotation from him revealed his method for creating masterpieces:

“Love many things, since there is where true strength lies, and whoever loves a lot can accomplish a lot, and what is done in love is done well.”

Colonel Sanders — Never Too Late to Start

Colonel Sanders, the inventor of Kentucky Fried Chicken, is a well-known figure (KFC). Colonel Sanders sold the company for $2 million in 1964 and went into semi-retirement at 74. Most people would be unconcerned about his track record if they didn’t know how he started.

Colonel Sanders only began pitching his secret chicken recipe to eateries at 66, with only $110 from his social security check? Our Colonel bravely charged into the business battlefield and succeeded, even though everyone thought he was senile. Colonel Sanders is an excellent illustration of how success isn’t determined by how young you start or how much money you start with.

His motivational quote is:

“I was sixty-six years old at the time. It was still necessary for me to earn a living. I glanced at my 105-dollar social security check and agreed to try to franchise my chicken dish. People had always fawned over my fowl.” 

Colin Powell — Secret to Decisiveness

Colin Powell excelled as a soldier, diplomat, and statesman. He had a distinguished military career, rising to the rank of 4-star general by 52. He was Secretary of State under George W. Bush and became America’s top diplomat. That was an incredible achievement for an African American to accomplish, as no one else has even come close.

His trademark was his authoritative decisiveness. His 40/70 rule was his secret weapon of success:

“You will be successful in whatever you select to pursue if you can implement the 40/70 rule. To make a decision, you need 40 percent to 70 percent of the information.”

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Warren Buffett — Mind Sponge for Knowledge

When Warren Buffett first started investing, he was a big name. He had a way of seeing deals that made him a billionaire. Many people have written about Warren Buffett’s investment skills and how he made money with his money-making ideas. When questioned about his secret to success, Warren said that “I just feel very, very lucky” and that he had “won the ovary lottery.”

You might not understand this, but the secret to Warren Buffett being so successful is that he likes to read books. He said that he realized a lot of things by reading every day. But he said, “Everyone can read what I read, so it’s even.”

Then again, have you ever met someone so rich that they can say this?

“I spend my days reading at my workplace.”

Thomas Edison — Failure? Not in My Dictionary

Thomas Edison’s intelligence was not praised by his professors, who dismissed him as “too foolish to learn anything.” With over 1000 patents under his belt, Thomas Edison became famous for his various innovations later in life. He was best known for his tireless research into the manufacture of the electric light bulb, one of his many innovations.

When asked why he failed over 10,000 times, he gave a mind-blowing response that became known as the ultimate of embracing failure:

“I’m not a failure. I’ve just discovered 10,000 approaches that aren’t going to work.”

Jesus Christ — Service Above Self

The Holy Bible is essentially a biography of Jesus Christ extensively read. Jesus began his career with a group of 12 disciples known as apostles. Since then, the Christian movement has grown to around 2.3 billion people globally, accounting for about 29% of the world’s population in 2020.

It was a memorable occurrence when his disciples were disputing who was the greatest among them. The heavenly key to grandeur, Jesus drilled into them, was to serve the interests of others above one’s own. If you look at the character of many great people, you’ll notice that they adhered to the important idea that Jesus espoused when he said:

“Even the Son of Man came to serve, not to be served, but to satisfy and convey his life as a ransom for many.”

Ways, the most successful people used to be so successful

1.     Extremely successful people are always well-prepared

Prepare for chances by making a detailed strategic plan that includes your vision, values, and goals. This means that you have a good grasp of the new knowledge environment. Learn and become better at what you do every day to have more options and use them the best way possible.

2.     People who have achieved great success speak their minds

Be honest and open all the time. When you speak, don’t be afraid of being judged. By telling the truth and being honest, you can back up your words with actions to help you achieve your goals. You can become famous just by thinking about yourself.

3.     Highly successful people maintain their values

Make your code of conduct based on your most important ideals and ensure that your actions are consistent. If you value perfection, make everything you do wonderful; if teamwork is important to you, make everything about teamwork.

4.     Mental toughness is a trait that super successful people possess

Everyone experiences difficulties and challenges. Whatever they are, overcome them with grit, perseverance, and tenacity. Surround yourself with wonderful people who can see things differently and lighten even the darkest of situations. Finally, walk through your fears to strengthen your mental fortitude. You’ll start to attract additional possibilities and gain a reputation as someone who can handle adversity when you do.

5.     Super successful people express self-assurance

Be self-assured without relying on others for frequent input or feedback. Instead, build the ability to complete tasks without assistance to gain confidence in your abilities and competence. Lead with confidence, but don’t be afraid to ask for assistance when you need it.

6.     Extremely successful people can control their stress

Something will always go bad; something will always cause stress, something will always fail, and something will always be distressing. Learning stress management tactics that work for you help you succeed, but it will also help you become a praising role model for others.

7.     Super successful people are always attempting to enhance their position

It’s easy to tell the difference between someone who is highly successful and someone who is simply in a position of authority: the highly successful person will continue to work on developing their talents. The temptation to retain the status quo after a certain level of success is strong, but a dedication to always develop, learn, and evolve will always pay off.

8.     Highly successful people can keep their discipline

Ensuring you protect the things you value most is the best way to live a disciplined life. As long as you’re disciplined and purposeful, you can be open and still be in charge. People, ideas, opportunities, and distractions will always be coming at you simultaneously. There is a big difference between getting a job and not getting one.


Keep this in mind at all times. Everything has its level of agony. To stand out, you must be unique; you must go above and beyond to achieve more. Even successful people aren’t exempt from the challenges of life. They must take on new challenges and face rejection along the way. It’s the contrary—successful people embrace their flaws, which is how they get there in the first place.

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