Discover the Secret: How to Make Car Freshies Like a Pro 2023

This guide will lead you through the process of melting Aroma Beads to make car freshies, so you can start making them at home or for your business!

Have you had a chance to try our Aroma Beads yet? These tiny beads are a lot of fun to play with and re-shape into different forms! You can place the loose beads in a sachet bag, but melting them into shapes with metal cookie cutters is the most common method. This guide will lead you through the process of melting Aroma Beads to make Car Freshies, so you can start making them at home or for your business!

Let’s start by gathering all of the essential items. I didn’t show you how to add scent or color in this article because we’re only interested in how to melt or bake them.

Materials Needed for Make Car Freshies:

  • Scented & Colored Aroma Beads
  • Parchment Paper
  • Metal Cookie Cutter
  • Metal Baking Sheet
  • Large Screws or Nails
  • Heavy Thread, Jute, or Yarn
  • Oven & Oven Mitt

Preheat your oven

Because every oven is different, this may require some trial and error. I was able to warm my oven to 350°F, but if it is hot, you may only want to heat it to 325°F. The most important thing is to check a small batch first to ensure that your oven will melt the beads at the correct temperature.

Repair your baking sheet

The size of your baking sheet is primarily determined by the number of shapes you’re baking and the size of your oven. Keep in mind that the size of your cookie cutter and the number of forms you’re making can affect how long they take to bake. You’ll want to use parchment paper to line the bottom of your baking sheet. This will make it easier for the beads to come free from the pan’s bottom. WAX PAPER SHOULD NOT BE USED! If you use wax paper, the dots will attach to it, and it will be difficult to remove without leaving tiny fragments stuck to the bottom of your scent beads.

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Layout your cookie cutters

Cookie cutters should be spread out equally on the baking sheet. The scent beads will bake and melt more evenly if you do this. Generally speaking, you want to keep the shapes consistent between batches, which is the case with most of my pieces. But I didn’t have any issues with the arrow shape melting evenly despite its reduced size.

Using screws

There are several ways to thread string through your shapes, but we suggest using a medium to large-sized screw or nail to make a hole. Here, you can see that the two screws I’m using are medium-sized and roughly an inch long. The next step explains how to do this.)

Check below video:

Pour the beads into the cookie cutters

This phase can be difficult, especially if you’re using cookie cutters with a lot of detail. As you can see, the tiara and butterfly had various little nooks and crannies that required some assistance to distribute the beads equally. I used my hand to make sure they were evenly nestled inside the small spaces.

Bake the beads

To get it exactly perfect, you’ll have to experiment with your baking time, just like you did with the oven temperature. The producer of our Aroma Beads recommends melting them for 6-10 minutes, depending on the size, quantity of forms, oven temperature, and other factors. I baked my beads in the oven for 7 minutes, and they turned out perfectly!

Take from the oven and let the beads cool

To check if your beads are ready to remove from the oven, gently tap them with a Popsicle stick, spoon, skewer, or anything you choose to see if they are all bonded together. Pull the beads from the oven and set them aside to cool if they appear to be sticking together.

Pop-out of cookie cutters

You can begin removing your beads from the cookie cutters once cooled. Because the beads will stick to the edges of the cookie cutters, a little wriggling and careful pushing will be required to get them to pop out. Any nails or screws used at this point can be easily removed by pressing the “sharp” end down on the countertop or cookie sheet until it falls out.

String through nail hole or around the bead

This step is optional, although it is recommended if you wish to hang your Aroma Beads in your vehicle. To turn the shape, thread the string through the hole made by the nail or screw, or knot some yarn around a portion of the body. Make a loop large enough to fit over your rear-view mirror, or keep the knot loose so you may tie it up afterward.

Hang up and enjoy!

To hang your aroma beads, you first need to thread your string through the bead. You can then hang them in your car, office, or another place!


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