10 Benefits of Old Cell Phones

We all carry superphones in our pockets every day. It looks at the weather, performs online searches, streams media, plays games, takes photos, and analyses data. Smartphones are fantastic, but there are always newer, better models. If you have old cell phones, how can you reuse them?

Although most of us can probably get by with the same phone for years, the update cycle makes it attractive to change to a newer model. While trading in your old phone when purchasing a new one can save you money, there are occasions when you find up with an additional, older smartphone. Instead of letting that device gather dust, put it to good use! It can still be a valuable addition to the household if it connects to Wi-Fi. Here are some fun things to do with your old smartphone.

We all know that as technology is upgrading with tremendous speed so a new smartphone, becomes old too quickly.

Benefits of Old Cell Phones

1. E-Book Reader

Use your phone instead of an ebook reader if you enjoy books and comics but don’t want to spend money on one. Download the Amazon Kindle app or your preferred ebook reading app, and sync your sales, free ebooks, and library titles. Fans of digital comics can purchase them through Comixology, Marvel, and DC’s respective apps. Alternatively, monthly membership services like Marvel Unlimited, Comixology Unlimited, and DC Universe Infinite are available.

2. TV Remote

Most media streaming devices include remote controls, but these are typically small and easy to misplace. Whether you have an Apple TV, Fire TV Stick, or Roku, there’s a good chance you’ll lose (or already have) the remote. Use your phone instead of buying a new one. Each company has its mobile app, which you can download on your old device, link to your account, and use as a remote control. This is also useful for live TV streaming services that use apps, such as YouTube TV.

3. Alarm Clock

Smart displays such as the Amazon Echo Show 5 and Google Nest Hub can help you keep track of time, but not everyone wants a speaker in their bedroom. Instead, use the large display on your old smartphone to create an alarm clock that (hopefully) won’t track you. Install an alarm clock app through Wi-Fi, set your phone on a stand, and connect it to power, and you’re ready to go. If you habit of hitting the snooze button in the morning, it’s simple to take the phone off its stand and carry it around with you as you sleep.

4. Wireless Webcam

If your desktop computer doesn’t have a webcam or your laptop isn’t working, you can use an outdated smartphone. You can transform a smartphone into a webcam for your PC using free software like DroidCam and EpocCam.

5. Video Chat Device

If you use facetime,  Zoom, or any other video chat platform these days, your old smartphone may act as a dedicated video chat interface as long as you have a good Wi-Fi connection. The kids don’t have to borrow your smartphone to call Grandma or their pals, and your smartphone is still available for incoming calls and other notifications.

6. Gaming System

There are many mobile games available for iPhone and Android, and all you need is a Wi-Fi connection to download them. Make a dedicated gaming system out of an additional smartphone if you have one lying around. You’ll never run out of storage space when blowing off steam on the couch.

7. Give It to the Kids

If you don’t want to spend money on a new phone for your child, reuse an old one for them. The camera does not require cellular access to function. Connect the phone to Wi-Fi after it has been secured, and your children will be able to email photos, search the web, download applications, make VoIP calls, and play games. All you need is a case and a screen protector.

8. Security Camera

Convert an old phone into a home security camera if it’s no longer in use. Install a security camera app like Alfred on both your old and new devices, then mount the old phone where you need it, making sure it has electricity. A suction cup mount for an automobile is an excellent example of what you can do. Then log in with your current smartphone and access the feed from your previous one.

9. Media Player

Listening to music, books, and podcasts on your favorite streaming services can be as simple as using an old phone. While cleaning the house, doing some work, or working out at home, set it up on a charging stand and link it to a Bluetooth speaker or plugin some wireless headphones. An obsolete mobile device can also be used as a video capture streamer. Before leaving the house, download a movie or two for on-the-go enjoyment that won’t drain your data plan or battery.

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10. We can easily store our images and movies

Today, most people do not own a standalone camera to take to special events. Instead, they bring their smartphone with them. A camera with a resolution of more than 10 megapixels is available on several cell phone models. Front and back cameras with a resolution of more than 20 megapixels are available on top models. It’s simple to see why phone market saturation rates are so high when you consider apps that allow photo editing, Bluetooth connectivity, email access, messaging, and much more.


Actually, in today’s society, this is a significant problem. In modern society, using a mobile phone is a new trend. My job is to educate everyone about the advantages of using old cell phones in their daily lives. The pros and downsides of old mobile phones are the same. But, once again, it all depends on how customers utilize their mobile phones.

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